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Agate Handmade Gemstone Jewellery. Agate is a very hard gemstone which has been used by the ancient greeks and Egyptians for decorative carving and because of its hardness is used to make mortars and pestles to crush and mix chemicals. Agate is formed in volcanic rock where cavities have been filled. Often they are filled in layers so when cut show interesting bands. These unusual stripes make interesting art jewellery pieces as every necklace or pair of earrings will be original.

square light blue agate necklace

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Shades of Pale and Mid Blue Agate and Silver Square Gemstone pendant held with a silver flowing pattern PAG19 £49.95 width 2.7cm

striped blue agate necklace

blue agate jewellery

Contemporary one off Blue Striped Agate and Silver Jewellery two curves with a silver knot in between representing two people following separate paths yet uncontrollably connected. PAG26 £48.95 width of gemstone 12mm

stripy blue agate drop pendant

blue striped agate jewellery

Blue Striped Agate with modern swirl of silver below PAG27 £40.95 width of gemstone 12mm

agate heart jewellery

blue striped agate jewellery

Large Blue Striped Agate Heart Jewellery One off PAG32 £43.95 width of gemstone 4.6cm

dragons vein jewellery

dragons vein agate jewellery

Silver and Dragons Vein Agate Jewellery Contemporary Pendant PAG28 £50.95 width of gemstone 10mm

dragons vein agate earrings

Silver and Dragons Vein Agate Jewellery EAG2 £30.95 width of gemstone 10mm

dragons vein earrings
dragons vein agate jewellery

Silver and Dragons Vein Agate Jewellery Tower Pendant PAG29 £44.95 width of gemstone 10mm

dragons vein agate jewellery
dragons vein agate chain earrings
heart agate earrings

Agate Dragons Vein Chain Earrings £45.95 EAG3 length 3.5cm

agate valentines heart jewellery
heart agate valentines gift

Double Heart Grey Agate with heart charm Pendant £48.95 PAG13

agate heart jewellery

valentines earrings

Agate Gemstone Jewellery heart within a heart £42.95 PAG11 Small Pendant Width of pendant 1.5cm

crazy lace agate heart necklace

valentines heart necklace

Silver and Crazy Lace Agate Jewellery the pattern in the Agate resembles a map £40.95 PAG21 width of heart 11mm

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