handmade silver jewellery

Carnelian jewellery

Carnelian Handmade Jewellery with silver a nice combination of the rusty orange with silver unique gemstone jewellery.

unusual handmade carnelian jewellery

handmade carnelian jewellery

Art Jewellery with round Carnelian gem £92.95 PCAR58 width 2.9cm

carnelian pendant

handmade gemstone gift

Carnelian Circles Jewellery £54.95 PCAR62 length 4.5cm

carnelian earrings

handmade jewellry gift

Carnelian Handmade Contemporary Earrings £53.95 ECAR10

carnelian sheet woven silver pendant

handmade sheet silver necklace

Carnelian Beaten Sheet Silver Woven Jewellery £191.95 PCAR61 width 2cm

carnelian crocheted into frame jewellery

handmade gift for her

Unusual Jewellery Carnelian gemstone crocheted onto a diamond shape design £52.95 PCAR47 Length 4cm

carnelian unusual jewellery

handmade jewellry gift

Ornate Carnelian jewellery with dangling drop Pendant £56.95 PCAR25 length 6cm

carnelian pendant

pearl wedding bracelet

Carnelian and Silver Handmade Jewellery £90.95 PCAR39 Gemstone 1.5cm length 7cm

Carnelian is a hard gemstone so suitable for everyday use. The earthy orange colour goes well equally with evening wear or office wear so makes Carnelian jewellery quite adaptable. Known as a lucky gemstone some people keep Carnelian gemstones near to protect them from negative energy such as envy and resentment and boost their confidence.

carnelian gemstone bangle

handmade turquoise and silver bracelet

Carnelian gemstone and Silver Bangle Style bracelet £275.95 BCAR8

crocheted handmade jewellery

earrings silver handmade

Boho Hand crafted Carnelian cube gemstone earrings £73.95 ECAR1 Length 3cm

carnellian large pendant

earrings silver handmade

Large Carnelian Feature Pendant 5cm top to bottom with elegant spiral wrapping £78.95 PCAR57

unusual carnelian jewellery

unusual carnelian jewellery

Unusual shaped Carnelian Jewellery Knitted and wrapped. £54.95 PCAR65 width 2.6cm

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carnelian handmade jewellery