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Chrysocolla Jewellery

chrysocolla and silver chain earring handmade

unusual amber pendant

Oval loop dangling silver earrings with chrysocolla gemstones. £48.95 ECHR4 The length of the earrings can be altered on request.

chrysocolla and sheet silver necklace

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla and sheet silver contemporary design with four gemstones. £57.95 PCHR5 The chrysocolla gems sit on the rectangular sheet of silver wound gently by a piece of sterling silver wire to create a contemporary design.

round chryscolla and silver

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla circular statement pendant with four gems. £54.95 PCHR2

chrysocolla earrings handmade with silver and hooks

unusual amber pendant

Gorgeous drop earrings with dangling chrysocolla gemstones. £52.95 ECHR6

Chrysocolla is quite a soft gemstone like turquoise so recommended for occasional use. it has an earthy green colour and is thought to energize and cleanse the chakras so often bought for healing and protective properties. Chrysocolla contains copper so sometimes it is possible to see slight glints within the green. An unusual gemstone which works well with silver.

chrysocolla oval and silver pendant

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla three gems within an oval frame. £51.95 PCHR3

Chrysocolla is a mossy green soft gemstone with flecks of black. Chrysocolla contains copper and the word Chrysocolla comes from the latin meaning gold and glue. It was first mentioned in 315BC by Theophastus a philosopher and has been used in jewellery for centuries. Chrysocolla was used to solder gold because of the the copper ore in it. It was also ground into powder and used to create pigment for paint by the Renaissance artists. Chrysocolla is an unusal gemstone so is sure to attract attention and comments. If you would like another design on the website with chrysocolla please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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