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Citrine handmade jewellery by UK designer | Silver Wire Designs

citrine designer handmade jewellery

healing citrine

Captivating Citrine handmade jewellery Pendant on chain from Silver Wire Designs £102.95 PCIT16 Citrine 1cm wide

"I bought the jewellery for my friends 40th birthday and she loved it, as did everyone at the party. The jewellery is stunning and different to anything you can buy anywhere else. I hope to own some myself very soon. The jewellery also came very quickly and is nicely presented in a velvet box"

citrine jewelley long pendant

citrine handmade jewellery

Citrine with Silver Elegant Drop Pendant £60.95 PCIT18 gemstone 10mm length 6cm

modern citrine jewellery

citrine handmade jewellery

Citrine with Silver Pendant with four gemstones held by a spiral £45.95 PCIT32 length 3.1cm

citrine contemporary jewellery

healing citrine

Asymetrical Citrine and Silver Pendant £52.95 PCIT17 Length 5.4cm gemstone 8mm

citrine handmade jewellery tower

citrine handmade earrings

Citrine Tower Necklace £85.95 PCIT26 gemstones 10mm

Citrine jewellery

citrine elegant pendant

citrine handmade jewellery

Citrine wound with Silver Handmade Jewellery Elegant Pendant £60.95 PCIT18 gemstone 8mm

citrine heart jewellery

citrine handmade heart jewellery

Pretty veined citrine within a romantic silver heart £125.95 PCIT30 gemstone 12mm length of pendant 3.2cm

citrine jewellery

contemporary citrine pendant

Captivating 9 Carat faceted oval Citrine held in heavy Silver Frame £844.95 PCIT11

eart with citrine strand jewellery

citrine gemstone strand jewellery

Large Heart with Citrine strand width 4.1cm £58.95 PCIT31

citrine silver handmade jewellery

designer citrine pendant

Pale Citrine with Silver circular Pendant £45.95 PCIT5

citrine necklace

designer citrine pendant

Unusual Citrine Art Jewellery featuring pale citrine Pendant £48.95 PCIT6

7 carat citrine jewellery

7 carat citrine

7 carat Faceted Citrine within Silver Heart Jewellery Pendant £525.95 PCIT22

citrines and silver hearts jewellery

citrine silver necklace

Heart with 2 Citrines £53.95 PCIT33 length 4.8cm

Citrine jewelry

Small art pendant encompasing citrine in various shapes £35.95 PCIT8

knitted citrine silver pendant

citrine knitted silver necklace

Citrine knitted and sewn onto a silver frame Knitted Pendant £80.95 PCIT1

citrine knitted pendant

citrine knitted silver necklace

Citrine knitted and sewn onto a silver frame at a jaunty angle £55.95 PCIT21

citrine circles pendant

citrine handmade round jewellery

Citrine with Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant £53.95 PCIT3

citrine spiral pendant

designer citrine pendant

Fancy Citrine spiral gemstones enticingly held from a silver spiral £45.95 PCIT28


citrine artisan pendant

designer citrine pendant

Citrine wire wrapped silver artisan pendant £47.95 PCIT19


Citrine Earrings

citrine earrings

designer citrine earrings

Pale Citrine discreet dainty citrine earrings £39.95 ECIT1

citrine earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Pale Citrine with Silver Earrings £39.95 ECIT4

citrine and silver earrings

citrine handmade earrings

Tasteful Citrine flat oval Earrings £54.95 ECIT10 gemstones 6mm

citrine handmade silver chain earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Citrine Earrings with oval chains £62.95 ECIT8 length 4.5cm gemstones 8mm. Other gemstones are available in this design.

citrine earrings continental

citrine earrings

Citrine with Silver Earrings with Continental Fittings £79.95 ECIT7 available with standard hook fittings on request 3.2cm gems 6mm

citrine chain earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Citrine Earrings on chain £54.95 ECIT9 length 2.4cm gemstone 6mm have a nice fluid movement when worn.

Citrine has a translucent mild yellow colour like raw sugar. Citrine has been used for thousands of years in jewellery and on objects for decorative purposes. It was used by Scottish warriors on their sword and daggers to decorate the handles. The ancient Greeks used Citrine to decorate objects and Egyptians created talismans with citrine for good luck. In the Old Testament citrine is referred to as chysolitus which means gold stone. It reminds people of rays of sunlight so often used for people as a comforting energy. Nowadays citrine is used to attract abundance in all things both physical and emotional. Queen Victoria was partcularly fond of this gemstone. Citrine is the birthstone for November birthdays, the chinese year of the Rooster and 17th wedding anniversary.

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citrine handmade jewellery