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Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

Unusual and unique jewellery gift ideas for women. With the various shades of glass complementing the silver beautifully - there are so many colours to chose from - we are also happy to match your outfit if you can't find exactly the colour you are looking for.

modern jewellery

glass jewelry

Glass Cubes and Silver Contemporary handmade jewellery Pendant PGLA81 £45.95

contemporary necklace with glass

glass jewellery

Cool Glass Cubes and Silver Contemporary handmade jewellery Pendant PGLA80 £56.95

triangular contemporry jewellery

glass jewellery

Triangular Cubes and Silver Contemporary handmade jewellery Pendant PGLA81 £55.95

artistic sculptural silver jewellery

glass jewellery

Artistic sculptural silver wrapped bullet with dangling irridescent drops PGLA1 £86.95

irridescent glass silver necklace

glass jewellery

Irridescent glass tears hanging from art deco style rounded pendant. PGLA33 £44.95

knitted silver and cubes pendant

knitted silver jewellery

Glass Cubes and Silver Contemporary handmade jewellery Knitted Silver Pendant PGL06 £162.95 width 3cm

yellow teardrop necklace

silver necklace

Glass and Knitted Silver handmade jewellery with Yellow Teardrop Glass £144.95 PGLC14 Length 4.4cm

frosted pink glass hearts pendant

pink glass heart gift

Pink Frosted irridescent glass hearts with Silver Pendant £43.95 PGL061

pink hearts handmade pendant

pink glass and beads jewellery

Modern jewellery

Pink Frosted glass hearts and glass beads with Silver handmade jewellery Pendant £40.95 PGL17

contemporary pendant with colourful glass

glass jewellery

Contemporary colourful glass and one off design £44.95 PGLA1

millefiore glass pendant

millefiore hearts jewellery

Pendant £44.95 PGL36 Glass and Silver Millefiore Glass hearts handmade jewellery

lime green jewellery

silver choker necklace

Lime Green and Silver Jewellery £52.95 PGL020

lime green jewellery

lime green pendant

Lime Green Glass and Silver handmade jewellery Pendant £55.95 PGLC24 Length 3.5cm

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contemporary handmade jewellery