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Silver Earrings

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When choosing earrings there are a few things to consider. The hairstyle of the wearer could be very short or very long so thought must be given to the look with the hairstyle. Shorter hair works well generally with shorter dangly earrings which wheras longer hair can usually accommodate longer lengths. That being said if the hair is worn in an upstyle a longer length can appear to lengthen the neck and produce a more elegant look. The weight of the earrings can have an effect on the wearer who might find heavy styles uncomfortable if worn for a full day but this is usually a personal thing as some people are fine with heavier styles whereas others find they prefer a lighter earring style. The colour is also important as it would be better to choose an earring that will go with many outfits. If it is difficult to choose a gemstone for example it may be a good idea to choose a birthstone which also makes the choice a personal one. The silver used in the production of the earrings is always of the best quality. No coatings or platings that will irritate sensitive ears. These are sterling silver earings 925

The beauty of handmade earrings is that you will probably never see them being worn on any of your friends or colleagues. Handmade earrings are unique and not mass produced so a nice additionn to your wardrobe. You will find a large selection of handmade earrings including elegant drop or dangly earrings. You can also request a particular length of earring if you wish.

Chain Earrings

Chain Earrings can be made with many choices of gemstones on request.

non uniform length earrings

cherry quartz earrings

Cherry Quartz Chain Earrings 6mm £60.95 ECQ7 gemstones 6mm

citrine and silver earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Citrine chain earrings £62.95 ECIT8 length 4.5cm gemstones 8mm

peridot chain earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Peridot oval chain earrings £62.95 EPE34 length 4.5cm gemstones 8mm

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