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Gemstone Handcrafted Jewelry

A selection of jewellery made with gemstones that are not as well known as some and so an unusual gift.

Amazonite Jewellery

Amazonite is an unusual hade of pale green it works well alone or with onyx.

amazonite gemstone jewellery

amazonite gemstone jewellery

Amazonite and Silver Jewellery £44.95 PAZ1 length 3.7cm

amazonite earrings

amazonite earrings

Amazonite Gemstone and Silver Round Link Earrings £45.95 EAZ1 length 2.8cm

amazonite jewellery

Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

amazonite jewellery

Amazonite and Silver Jewellery £63.95 PAZ2 width 2.1cm

For Amazonite and Onx combined see the other page.

Charoite Jewellery

Charoite is a rare soft gemstone with mauve and purple flecks alongside a translucent pale green beige.

rare charoite healing necklace

charoite healing necklace

Charoite Two circle pendant. £53.95 PCHAR3

healing charoite jewellery gift

pretty charoite rare necklace

Silver and Charoite Jewellery Pendant £54.95 PCHAR2

Ametrine Jewellery

Ametrine is a gemstone mix of Amethyst and Citrine a rare and unusual formation.

ametrine jewellery

ametrine jewellery

Ametrine and Silver Handmade Jewellery £428.95 PAMET1 Rectangle 6.95 Carat Faceted Ametrine. Ametrine is a rare mixture of Amethyst and Citrine.

Apatite Jewellery

Apatite is a turquoise green colour and can be quite easily mistaken for aquamarine and blue topaz except for the unusual green tinge.

apatite gemstone blue  jewellery

handmade tanzanite jewellery

Apatite and Silver Pendant £58.95 PAP3 width 3cm

circular apatite gemstone jewellery

handmade tanzanite jewellery

Apatite and Silver Pendant £55.95 PAP4

unusual apatite jewellery

unusual gift for her

Apatite Pendant and Earrings set £80.95 PAP2

kyanite gemstone  necklace

beautiful pearl jewellery

Kyanite Teardrop and Silver Kyanite is a royal blue with rainbow sheens within the gemstone £95.95 PKY1

Blue Topaz Jewellery

Blue Topaz looks very similar to Aquamarine with a clear pale blue colour.

knitted topaz and silver jewellery

blue gemstone pendant

Blue Topaz Clusters falling like raindrops - knitted within a round frame these were hand Knitted using silver £88.95 PBT2

Blue Topaz Jewellery Set

Blue Topaz and Silver Earrings and Pendant Set

Set £204.95 PTOP1 Gem in pendant

Length of Pendant 4.3cm length of topaz in pendant 11mm length of earrings 2.4cm width of gems in earrings 6mm

blue topaz jewellery set

Sodalite Jewellery

Sodalite comes in shades of navy to royal bue containing fleck of many other colours of grey, black and white.

silver pendant with blue gemstone

silver wedding pearls pendant

Sodalite and Silver Large Oval with pretty markings of various shades of blue, grey and black hangng from silver framework with a tactile dangling heart £45.95 PSO7

sodalite jewellery

silver sodalite jewellery

Sodalite and Silver Unusual Winding Design £44.95 PSO11 width 3cm

sodalite jewellery set

sodalite handmade jewellery

Sodalite and Silver Handmade Jewellery Set Pendant and Earrings Set £78.95 PSO9

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