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Glass Earrings Department

Choose from our beautiful selection of glass and silver earrings. You can find hook dangly earrings or stud fittings. For those without piercings we can also adapt earrings to fit clip on or screw fittings. There are so many colours to choose from including teal, red, yellow, pink, millefiori and in several shapes including hearts, tulip and teardrops. If you have a colour in mind please contact us as we have a large selection of glass beads available.

teal glass earrings uk

Glass has a very special fluid feeling to it and works particularly well with feminine silver. The making of glass is taken for granted but is a magical process and each piece of glass chosen to fit in the earrings is carefully selected for its appearance. Glass earrings can be made in a colour of your choice or a mixture of colours or shapes can be sourced for a particular order.