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There are 6 pages of Glass Jewellery including contemporary glass jewellery, dichroic glass - fused glass in heart shapes and one off designs just click the circular image to visit the page. To browse departments there is a next page link on each page. Visit the bottom of the front page via logo for other Main Departments.

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heart of glass pendant

Oval green glass with brown touches representing the earth a design that resembles art deco in style £62.95 PGL024

Glass Jewelry

Glass jewellery has become a popular choice in recent years mainly because of the many colours glass is available in. Glass also has a contemporary modern feel about it so finishes outfits with a special touch. Glass is durable so can be worn throughout the day making it very versatile and works well with casual jeans and smart evening wear. Red and blue glass works well with denim, yellow glass with black and dichroic fused glass works well with anu outfit due to the many colours contained within the glass. Our extensive range of glass jewellery means that there is something for every taste whether chunky or dainty. Some of the earrings are very light to wear but still substantial due to the use of a finer silver wire being used in the construction process. Glass comes in so many shades from clear white to plain colours and also glass with combined colours so many sparkling ideas for gifts.

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