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deep blue heart jewellery

blue heart pendant

Deep Blue Dichroic Heart with unique bubbles and indentations £159.95 PGH124 width 3.6cm

rainbow heart pendant

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

Glass and Silver Heart Handmade Jewellery £170.95 PGH62 width of heart 3.8cm

blue heart jewellery

heart pendant

Glass and Silver Handmade Jewellery £167.95 PGH114 Width of heart approx 3.3cm

glass heart jewellery dichroic glass

valentines day gift

Glass and Silver Handmade Jewellery £166.95 PGH101 Width of heart approx 3.3cm

orange heart jewellery

blue glass pendant

Orange Dichroic Glass Heart £157.95 PGH125 Width 3.8cm at top

dichroic glass heart jewelry

special glass heart pendant

Glass and Silver Heart Pendant Handmade Jewellery £162.95 PGH02 Width of heart 2.6cm

dark heart jewellery

rainbow heart pendant

Dichroic Glass Heart Handmade Jewellery Pendant £158.95 PGH118 width 2.7cm

dichroic glass heart pendant

dichroic glass pendant

Glass and Silver Pendant Handmade Jewellery £158.95 PGH32 width 2.7cm

multi coloured heart jewellery

rainbow heart pendant

Rainbow Dichroic Glass Heart Handmade Jewellery Pendant £159.95 PGH115 width 3.2cm

sparkly heart jewellery

pendant for women

Beautiful Very Sparkly Pink Glass Heart £164.95 PGH126 width 3.4cm at top

blue heart jewellery

dichroic glass heart

Dichroic Glass Heart Handmade Jewellery £169.95 PGH127 width at top of heart 3.3cm

dichroic necklace blue

Glass and Silver Heart Handmade Jewellery

Large Pendant £148.95 PGH064 Width of glass 4.75cm

love heart necklace

All hearts on this page are one offs

Dichroic glass and silver wire wrapped pendants

Dichroic glass is made by fusing several layers of metallic oxides so very receptive to light but difficult to photograph in order to show how beautiful they appear when light passes through them. Dichoric glass was originally created for the space and laser industries and the word dichroic means two colours because of the two or more colours that the glass reflects and transmits. Perfect for Valentines gifts, anniversaries and birthdays the are all one offs. Because of the many colours in the glass these pendants are very versatile and will match with many outfits in the wardrobe. The glass is hand made so may have inperfections such as bubbles and non perfect shaping this adds to the appeal as the items are one offs.

Below are reviews of purchased hearts

Review "I have purchased a number of products from "Silver Wire Designs" and am pleased to say that the jewellery has been hand made to a very high standard. The service received was great with a prompt delivery of the product. Most importantly my Partner Paula has been very happy with the pendants I have purchased and commented as my son was watching the 'titanic' that the glass pendant she received recently for her birthday was more beautiful than the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace used in the film. I need to say no more"

Review "I just want to thank you for the exceptional service. I received the pendant I ordered for my sister in laws Christmas the next day. It was beautiful just like the picture. I was so impressed I told lots of people in my work who were looking for something unique" L.Fulton

Review "I liked the website very much. The pictures were very good and when the goods arrived I was pleased with them. The goods arrived very quickly and I was so pleased I will make further purchases" S.Coombes

Review "First class product. First class service. Will definitely use again and would highly recommend" - M.Brown

Review "I ordered a glass heart necklace from Silver Wire designs back in February 2011. My order was dispatched first thing the following morning after I placed the order and arrived the day after that. The necklace was beautiful and was extremely well presented. I am very pleased with the service and quality of the product and will shop here again."

Review "Fantastic one off design - Just what I was looking for - "D.Taylor

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Review "I would just like to say a BIG THANK you to Silver Wire Designs for the beautiful necklace that I received there was so much to choose from that I will have to revisit their web site again and again! Great jewellery,Great packaging and Great service." - A.Fletcher

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