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Handmade Glass Jewellery

turqouise glass necklace

contemporary glass jewellery

Turquoise coloured Glass and Silver Cubes Handmade Jewellery Pendant £44.95 Ref PGLA84

round necklace handmade silver

contemporary glass jewellery

Green and earthy coloured Glass and Silver Cubes Handmade Jewellery Pendant £43.95 Ref PGLA27

blue handmade jewellery

contemporary glass jewellery

Glass and Blue Silver Cubes that can move along the wire Pendant £43.95 Ref PGLA28 width 3.3cm

red glass jewellery

red glass jewellery

Red Glass Cubes with a tinge of orange on a circuler framework £43.95 Ref PGLA28 width 3.3cm

art deco glass style jewellery

heart of glass pendant

Oval green glass with brown touches representing the earth a design that resembles art deco in style £62.95 PGL024

tactile glass stylish fiddle necklace

brown glass pendant

Oval green glass with brown streaks dangling tactile fiddle pendant £52.95 PGLA85

glass heart pendant

heart of glass pendant

Glass and Silver Spiral Handmade Jewellery £42.95 PGLA82 length 4.7cm

Glass has been used in jewellery designs since the 17th century in Italy. The Murano glass was created initially in Venice in Italy for the local community but very soon became a valuable produce used to trade with other countries for items such as spices. The factories moved to the island of Murano in order to step up production and to avoid any fires affecting the local areas due to the kilns being used. Glass was also made by Romans who used it in constructing goblets and household items as well as in jewellery. Nowadays glass is often used in contemporary jewellery as it works particularly well in that setting.

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handmade glass jewellery