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Green Gemstone Handmade Jewellery

Aventurine Jewellery

green handmade jewellery

green aventurine pendant

Green Aventurine and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant £95.95 PAV16 Width 3.5cm

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Unakite Jewellery

unakite and silver artisan necklace

beautiful pearl jewellery

Unakite round gemstones held within an elegant Silver wire design PU16 £52.95 length 7cm

Jade Jewellery

green jade jewellery

green jade and silver jewellery

Jade and Silver Oval Spiral £59.95 PGJ14 Jade 1cm

gree jaspper jewellery

sea sediment jasper jewelery

Large Green Jasper Heart Jewellery £42.95 PJAS14 width 4cm

emerald jewellery
emerald handmade jewellery

Round Emerald and Silver Handmade Jewellery £285.95 PEM46 Emerald 1cm length 5.3cm

malachite 3 ball pendant

malachite necklace

Chic Malachite and Silver Handmade Tower Pendant £45.95 PMAL7

lime green jewellery

silver choker necklace

Lime Green and Silver Jewellery £52.95 PGL020

Green is the colour of prosperity and associated with the heart chakra. There are many shades of green in gemstones and glass from pale to dark green.

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green gemstone handmade jewellery