handmade silver jewellery

Handmade Earrings

donut earrings

silver cherry quartz earrings

Pink Cherry Quartz and Silver Handmade Earrings £29.95 ECQ2 Dainty pale pink cherry earrings suit a delicate frame. The earrings are light to wear and add a spot of pastel pink color to an outfit.

art deco inspired earrings

aquamarine art deco earrings

Aquamarine and Silver Earrings £88.95 EAQ12 2.5cm These earrings have an art deco feel about them and the original design will attract attention to the wearer.

tigers eye jewellery

tigers eye jewellery

Tigers Eye and Silver Handmade Earrings £45.95 ETIG4 Length 4.4cm The spiral design on these earrings have a historical feel about them and when combined with the soft brown shades of Tigers Eye make a classic gift.

Handmade jewellery garnet earrings

garnet handmade earrings

Garnet Silver Designer Handmade Jewellery Earrings EG27 £90.95 Length 2.5cm Ornately designed earrings made using solid silver wire wrapped to form a drop shape and encompassing a lovely juicy burgundy garnet gem.

oval amethyst earrings

amethyst and pearl handmade jewellery

Amethyst and Pearl handmade Earrings £54.95 EPAM2 Three freshwater pearls combined with pieces of amethyst to add colour to these handmade earrings.

For more earrings visit the earrings department where you willl find many more styles to choose from including plain silver, glass and more gemstones.

When buying handmade earrings you will discover that no two are exactly the same. This is the beauty of hand made as you are buying exclusively made artisan earrings that are truly unique. You can even request more of a difference should you wish to wear earrings that are truly different for example you can wear an earring shorter on the left ear lobe than on the right. This will be a talking point as people will look twice and see that you are wearing something that is not run of the milll. Perhaps you may also request different gemstones on each ear? This will make a nice original look and will surely become a favourite accessory. Why not use your imagination and contact the designer who will be pleased to design earrings in a style especially for you.

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