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There are four pages of Sterling Silver Jewellery within this department you can click the circular image to visit the page and click the logo to go back to the front page. In this Directory you can find jewellery made from silver.

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Sheet silver has been used in some of the designs but there are a number of styles available made using wire of different weights. There are a mixture of pendants which come on sterling silver chains adn all come complete with chains. Different size chains can be purchased if the standard 18 inch is not a preference. Earrings made with hook wires but also available with alternative fittings like continental lever fittings or stud fittings. The earrings come with rubber stoppers to help ensure they do not fall off when caught in clothing or hair. There are bangles which are very chunky down to very delicate. Bracelets are offered in standard sizes but cn also be made to your exact size for a perfect fit, please ask for details when ordering. Also in this department there are a selection of cufflinks for men. Each piece of silver jewellery is unique and genuinely designs and hand crafted by Semina at Silver Wire Designs so should you need an adjustment or slightly different style please feel free to contact us by email and Semina will call you back to discuss your requirements.

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Silver Contemporary Handmade Jewellery 2 hearts pendant £63.95 P27 Length 3.3cm

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