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Heart Jewellery

Heart jewellery is a great gift for a friend or partner as the symbolism is univerally understood. When someone receives a heart they know they are loved or respected. A great gift for a women who you want to show you care. We have a fabulous assortment of heart pendants within this shop so there are many styles to choose from. You can find glass hearts, glass shaped pendants with gemstones within and bracelets with heart charms. We also have many earrings with a heart theme to choode from. Listed below are just a few items to give you a taster. If you cannot find anything you like feel free to contact us and we can give you some ideas for the perfect gift.

aquamarine designer heart jewellery

aquamarine unusual jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery £260.95 PAQ7 width 2.7cm

heart jewellery

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

Glass and Silver Heart Handmade Jewellery £157.95 PGH62 width of heart 3.8cm Such beautiful colours sparkle when held to the light. This dichroic or layered fused glass heart is a one off and the perfect gift for someone truly special.

agate valentines heart jewellery

heart agate valentines gift

Heart Agate with Silver hearts pendant £48.95 PAG13 This pendant represents the two people in the relationship and the dangling heart charm will swing to remind you of your togetherness. This jewellery would make a great gift for a partner, wife or close relative. The veins within the gemstones almost represent the real human heart with its continuous and gentle pumping. A gift for life.

onyx heart jewellery

brown heart jewellery

Black Onyx Heart and Silver Valentines Jewellery Gift £42.95 PONX5 Matching earrings are available to complete the look.

silver necklace

extra long heart necklace

Extra Long Silver Necklace Heart on heavy circular link chain length approx 32 inch Necklace £399.95 N16

amethyst jewellery heart shaped handmade wire jewellery

designer jewellery

Popular Heart Shaped Gift crammed with Amethysts a great gift for a loved one. £83.95 PWAM2 length 4.4cm

jade heart jewelry

red jade heart necklace

Red Jade Heart and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery £43.95 PRJAD30 width of heart 12mm

7 carat citrine jewellery.

7 carat citrine

Gorgeous 7 carat Faceted Citrine with Silver Heart Jewellery Pendant £525.95 PCIT22 The tear shaped citrine sits encassed within the heart shaped frame. Citrine is the stone of abundance, a great gift

sparkly heart jewellery

pendant for women

Beautiful Very Sparkly Pink Glass Heart £155.95 PGH126 width 3.4cm at top This heart has a flat back and rounded smooth corners. It has subtle pink and burgundy colours with dashes of green, white and yellow. A one off gift.

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heart jewellery