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Jasper Handmade Jewellery

purple jasper jewellery

imperial jasper jewellery

Purple Jasper and Silver £42.95 PJAS4 width of square 15mm

handmade jasper jewellery

jasper purple jewellery

Purple Jasper and Silver Circular Framed Pendant £52.95 PJAS3

Jasper Jewelry

jasper jewellery set

zebra jasper jewellery

Leopardskin Jasper and Silver Pendant PLJ7 £38.95

zebra jasper jewellery

Leopardskin Jasper Earrings ELJ2 £29.95

jasper bangle

Leopardskin Jasper and Silver Handmade Jewellery

Bangle £192.95 BJAS2

jasper hand made jewellery

jasper teardrop pendant

leopardskin jasper jewellery

Leopardskin Jasper Large Teardrop and Silver Jewellery Pendant £51.95 PLJ2 Length of Gemstone 4.5cm

jasper pendant

Multi Coloured Jasper Unsual One off Small Pendant on 16 inch chain Pendant £32.95 PJAS10 Width 8mm

leopardskin jasper jewellery

handmade jewellery gift

zebra jasper jewellery

Zebra Jasper and Silver Art Deco Pendant PZEB2 £52.95. The three genmstones complement each other in this design with shades of brown and beige.

jasper earrings

zebra jasper jewellery

Jasper Art Deco Earrings EZEB1 £51.95

jasper handmade jewellery

jewellery gift for girl friend

Zebra Jasper and Silver Elegant 4 Tower pendant with speckly pieces and random colours. PZEB3 £36.95 Length 4cm The gemstones are quite rough and earthy so suit a boho style. This item works well with natural colours like beige and brown.

jasper jewellery

jasper silver jewelery

Jasper Jewelery

Red Jasper and Silver Contemporary One off Jewellery £44.95 PJAS2 Length 5cm This deaign is reminisecnt of forming letters in handwriting the two gemstones will move too and fro when worn. Perhaps a gift for a teacher?

jasper silver cross

hand crafted jasper jewelry

Red Jasper and Silver Handmade Jewellery £43.95 PRJ4 Length 3cm This item could be seen as a modern representation of a cross or just a design with swirls. How do you see it?

jasper silver wire wrapped jewellery

jasper jewelery

Red Jasper and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant £43.95 PJAS8 length 4.9cm This piece had the jasper combined with swirly silver. Almost moving it could resemble waves or wind.

jasper earrings

jasper earrings

Red Jasper and Silver Earrings £39.95 EJAS1 The red jasper is an unusual shade of browny red which has an earthy feel. It seems to remind me of ancient pottery so has a timeless feel about it.

jaspser pendant

red jasper jewelery

Red Jasper and Silver Pendant £46.95 PJAS12

gree jaspper jewellery

sea sediment jasper jewelery

Large Green Jasper Heart Jewellery £42.95 PJAS14 width 4cm The jasper has many shades of green with brown and orange. It is quite an organic piece which will remind you of your connection to the earth.

Jasper serves to be a more contemporary choice with its many hues. It is a form of quartz with impurities causing the different colours bands and stripes. Red jasper is cause by iron inclusions in the formation. Jasper can be found in many places around the world including Australia, USA and South America, India and Egypt. In Crete Jasper Seals, used for stamping, have been discovered dating back to 1800 BC. Jasper was also worn by shamans for protection. In feng shui it is used to help bring about change.

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