handmade silver jewellery

Handmade Matching Silver Jewellery Sets

There are many possible matching necklace and earring sets and bracelets to choose from on the website below are a few examples. If you find a necklace you like earrings and bracelets can usually be made to match

pearl and peridot gemstone set

Pearl and Peridot handmade silver jewellery set from Silver Wire Designs other gemstones available on request £198.00 PPPE8S

pretty pearl bracelet

"I bought a necklace and earrings for my wife at the last minute and Semina made sure they arrived in time. The pieces are absolutely beautiful and I will definitely consider buying others in future."

matching jewellery set lapiz

aquamarine handcrafted necklace

Lapiz Lazuli and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant and earrings set £110.00 PLL21S Length of pendant 3.1cm length of earrings 2.6cm

aquamarine bracelet set

aqua marine bracelet

Aquamarine Bracelet and Pendant Set £525.95 BAQ8S

Review - "Beautiful silver and pearl jewellery at a good price. Exceeded expectations and will certainly be back for more! Well packaged and delivered very quickly"

handcrafted pearl jewelry

beautiful pearl jewellery

Pendant with the feeling of movement . Pendant and Earrings Set £240.00 PP25S pendant length 4.3cm Available separately.

amber jewellery set earrings and pendant set

amber jewellery set

Amber and Silver Jewellery Pendant and Earrings Set £240.00 PAMB12S Available separately.

matching jewellery set onyx and silver

black onyx necklace

Onyx and silver Pendant and Earrings set £98.95 PONX1S Pendant Length 4.5cm

emerald jewellery set

emerald handmade jewellery

Round Emerald and Silver Jewellery Set £490.95 PEM42 Emeralds 1cm

matching jewellery set aquamarine

aquamarine hand made necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery Set £325.00 PAQ25S Pendant 3.1cm


matching jewellery sets rhodonite

rhondite handmade jewellery

Rhodonite and Silver Pink Cage Pendant and Earrings Set £75.00 PRH8S Pendant Length 3.2cm


original handmade turquoise jewellery

designer pendant

Natural Turquoise and Silver Set £75.95 PTUR22 Length pendant 3.8cm earrings 3cm

silver bracelet and earrings set

hand made silver bracelet set

Silver Wire Handcrafted Twisted Bracelet and Earrings Set £270.00 B25S

glass and silver jewellery set

emerald handmade jewellery

Glass and Jewellery Set £85.95 PGLA25A

matching glass heart jewellery set penadant bracelet and earrings

heart jewellery set

Trendy Glass Heart Jewellery Set including pendant on chain earrings and bracelet £180.00 PGLS1

matching jewellery glass drops set


contemporary glass jewellery

Turquoise coloured Glass and Silver Oval Pendant and drop earrings Set £90.00 Ref PGLA84S

rhodonite matching jewellery set

pink gemstone pendant

Rhodonite and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant and earrings set £70.00 PRH7S

matching bracelet and earrings set

silver bracelet set

Handcrafted sterling silver wire bracelet with matching earrings £270.00 B48S

matching jewellery set black onyx heart pendant and earrings

black onyx heart jewellery set

Onyx Hearts Jewellery set pendant with earrings £70.00 PONYX5S

lapis lazuli matching jewellery set

black onyx heart jewellery set

Lapiz Lazuli Feature Pendant and Earrings set £130.00 PONYX5S

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matching jewellery sets