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Moonstone gemstone jewellery from Silver Wire Designs is not to be confused with Opal Moonstone which is a glass that has been treated like a gem stone - available in the glass department - this is a beautiful natural gemstone known as Moonstone or Rainbow moonstone because of the tiny flickers of rainbow colour that can sometimes be found within the gem if you hold it to the light and turn it.

moonstone tower pendant
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Magestic Moonstone and Silver Tower pendant £255.95 PMO12 gemstones 1cm

moonstone chain link earrings

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Moonstone and Silver Chain Earrings £110.95 EMO5 gemstones 7mm These earrings will dangle to and fro when worn and have a nice weight to them.

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rainbow moonstone jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Crocheted within a Silver Frame £195.95 PMO13 Length 5cm

moonstone jewellery
rainbow moonstone necklace

Rainbow Moonstone Jewellery set on sheet silver and wrapped in a cage formation £358.95 PMO6

moonstone jewellery

rainbow moonstone necklace

Rainbow Moonstone and Silver Designer Handmade Jewellery £43.95 PMO4

moonstone rainbow earrings
rainbow moonstone gemstone pendant

Rainbow Moonstone and Silver Earrings £125.95 EMO6 gemstone 7mm

Moonstone is formed in alternating layers. When light falls on the layers at a certain angel the light scatters to produce adularescence which is where one can see a sparkle in certain lights. It is very subtle and not present in all moonstone but a treat when it can be seen. Moonstone is a feminine stone and considered the gem that encourages new beginnings. It balances hormones and has been said assists people to conceive. It is also the gem that is supposed to attract new love to the wearer.

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Magical Rainbow Moonstone and Silver Earrings from Silver Wire Designs £149.95 EMO4 Gemstones 7mm OUT OF STOCK

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moonstone jewellery