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Onyx with Silver Handmade Gemstone Jewellery Pendant £57.95 PONX1 Length 4.5cm Inspired by the abacus the gemstones move.

onyx earrings

black earrings

Onyx with Silver Handmade Gemstone Jewellery Earrings £42.95 EONX2

two onyx pendant

black onyx necklace

Black Onyx with dangling hearts two gemstones representing a couple with two hearts entwinned but separate £53.95 PONX7 matching earrings available on request.

onyx earrings

black earrings

Onyx with Silver Contemporary Earrings £44.95 EONX3

onyx black earrings

black onyx earrings

Onyx with Silver Handmade Gemstone Earrings £43.95 EONX1

onyx heart jewellery

black heart jewellery

Black Onyx Heart and Silver Handmade Jewellery £42.95 PONX5

onyx heart earrings

black onyx heart jewellery

Onyx Heart and Silver Gemstone Jewellery Gift Earrings £31.95 EON1 hearts 1cm

onyx jewellery

black agate necklace

Faceted Black Square Onyx with Silver £39.95 PAG18 width of gemstone 1.5cm

Onyx comes in plain black and also with bands - stripes within it. It is a hard gemstone and very versatile as works well with all other colours. It is thought to be the stone of power protecting the wearer with an invisibility cloak from negativity. Onyx has been used in cameos as the black contrasts well with the white raised image especially popular in rings in times gone by and used regularly as the base for seals in Roman times.Persians used Onyx as protection from the evil eye and placed onyx on a lady during childbirth to ease the pain. Onyx is the gem associated with the star sign Leo and the 7th wedding anniversary.

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