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Pearl and Silver Handmade Wedding Jewellery Bracelet £175.95 BP17 matching earrings and necklace available. A great gift for a mother pearl bracelet.


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Handcrafted jewellery Pearl and Silver Handmade Bridal Jewellery Wide cuff Bangle £1250.00 BP14 Width 3-3.5cm

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Freshwater pearl and Silver Bangle Style Handmade Bracelet £420.95 BP13

Pearl handcrafted bracelets

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Delicate Pearl bracelet and Silver Handmade Bridal Jewellery Other lengths and matching necklaces available.

Bracelet £99.95 BCP2B 4mm pearls

Bridesmaid Pearl bracelets

The pearls on this page are natural freshwater pearls they have a shiny appearance and are often oval in shape. They are not uniform in shape as they are natural so grow as they please which makes them individual. Pearl bracelets make timeless gifts they can be worn with casual and evening wear and will never date. The pearl bracelets on this page are unique and elegant and will be treasured always.

Pearl bracelets have been traditionally been used for weddings due to their off white colour and the fact that they symbolize purity. In the past pearls were traditionally worn as strung bracelets but here can be found within modern and unique designs. Should you wish to combine pearls with another gemstone please ask as we will be happy to design a unique bracelet to suit.

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