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Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings for gifts and also suitable for weddings earrings - handmade using silver and pearls. If you are looking for a different length please ask.

handmade pearl earrings

Randomly wrapped Pearl and Eilver Earrings £98.95 EP42 2.8cm

pearl earrings

pearl chandelier earrings

Pearl and Silver Chandelier Drop Earrings £84.95 EP52 Length cm three pearls in a cage holding another pearl below.

pearl earrings

Review "I contacted Semina the week of my wedding for some earrings for my bridesmaids, sure that I had left it far too late to obtain anything suitable. She was extremely helpful making suggestions and assuring me that she would be able to make some earrings to my specification in time for the wedding. Her customer service is exceptional and the earrings arrived today and are just exquisite. Beautiful designs which are elegant and delicate, and which I am sure the bridesmaids will love. I certainly highly recommend this company"


pair pearl handmade earrings

pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Jewellery Drop Earrings £87.95 EP33 Length 5cm

wedding spiral handmade earrings

pretty pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £43.95 EP39 2.5cm

long pearl earrings

pretty pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver Long Earrings £44.95 EP50 Length 5cm

pearl drop earrings

wedding pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver spiral ball Earrings £57.95 EP37 2.4cm

handmade pearl wedding earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings

pearl handcrafted earrings

Splendid Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Earrings £48.95 EP28 length 3cm

tower of pearls drop earrings

pearl wedding earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £40.95 EP6

pearl earrings

pearl wedding earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £44.95 EP29

dangle pearl earrings

dangly pearl earrings

Pearl Silver Handmade Earrings £44.95 EP43 4.5cm.

delicate pearl earrings

pearl earrings

Distinctive Small Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Drop Earrings £46.95 EP48 Length 3.5cm

pearl bridesmaids earrings

pearl earrings

Exxotic Pearl and Silver Earrings £41.95 EP21 Length 2.5cm

elegant drop pearl earrings

elegant drop pearl earrings gift

Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Earrings £89.95 EP35 3.2cm

wedding earrings

unusual wedding earrings

Glamorous Pearl and Silver Handmade Earrings great to make you shine on a night out £75.95 EP38 4cm

drop pearl earrings

designer pearl earrings

Must have Classic Pearl and Silver Earrings £43.95 EP8 2cm

pearl elegant drop earrings

elegant pearl earrings

Sophisticated Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Drop Earrings £96.95 EP10 Length 5.2cm

contemporary handcrafted earrings

designer pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £89.95 EP24 width 3cm

wedding earrings

brides earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £79.95 EP40

twisted silver pearl earrings

unusual pearl earrings

Versatile Pearl and Silver Earrings £42.95 EP27 4cm

elegant dangly pearl earrings

Freshwater Pearl Earrings

bespoke pearl long earrings

Pearl and Silver Handmade Elegant Long Earrings £89.95 EP13 length 5cm

pearl ball earrings

original wedding jewelry

Sassy Pearl and Silver Handmade Ball Earrings £55.95 EP30 length 3.4cm

pearl earrings

silver pearl earrings

Silver Hand crafted unusual earrings £73.95 EP45 3.5cm

unusual pearl earrings

brides pearl bracelet

Pearl and Silver Swirly Design Earrings £64.95 EP17

pearl chain earrings

pearl chain earrings

Pearl and Silver Chain Earrings EP51 £45.95 length 2.5cm

pearl tower earrings

three pearl earrings

Pearl and Silver Earrings £43.95 EP41

amethyst pearl earrings

amethyst and pearl handmade jewellery

Amethyst and Pearl Earrings £68.95 EPAM3

Review for this item - "I recently discovered Silver Wire Designs when looking for some silver earrings for a friends birthday. This website displays an exceptional choice of unique designs and is great value for money when you consider that the jewellery is handmade. The designer was very helpful when I asked to change the gems stones in the design I picked and made the earrings that same day and sent a photograph for me to approve. I am very happy with the service I received and the final product was beautiful. I would thoroughly recommend this website"

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pearl earrings