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Pearls have a classic elegance about them here you will find some more contemporary designs combining pearls and silver. Pearl is the also the birthstone for June and the gemstone for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Visit the pearl pages below where you will find many pendants, earrings and bracelets to choose from.

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There are 6 pages of Pearl Jewellery click the circular image to visit the page click logo to go back to front page. To browse departments there is a next page link on each page. Visit the bottom of the front page for other Main Departments. Please ask if you would like a bespoke item.

Freshwater pearls are cultured pearls that are grown in freshwater mussels. The Chinese first started the process about 800 years ago. Nowadays almost all freshwater pearls are cultured in China. Freshwater pearls come in a range of colours including white, cream, and grey as well as other pales shaded but the creamy off white are the most popular. The process includes grafting tissue into the shell and left to grow. Each mussel is implanted with about 24- 30 tiny pieces of mantle tissue and very soon cells start secreting nacre forming the pearl. When harvested freshwater pearls are polished with a mixture of wax and cornmeal. Freshwater pearls symbolize purity and so are considered excellent gifts for weddings however they are becoming more popular for general wear and evening wear and can make an outfit look more sophisticated.

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