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Rhodonite Jewellery

Rhodonite Pink Gemstone Jewellery - Rhodonite is a largely pink gemstone with some earthy colours within making it quite versatile.

rhondite handmade jewellery

rhondite pendant

Rhodonite and Silver Springs Pendant £45.95 PRH4

large rhodonite circular pendant with silver

rhondite handmade jewellery

Large circular Rhodonite and Silver Pendant £56.95 PRH14 The smooth rhondite is very tactile and an nice feature necklace.

pink rhondite jewelry

rhondite handmade jewellery

Rhodonite and Silver Pink Cage Pendant £46.95 PRH8 Length 3.2cm matching earrings below. The wire is wrapped in a non unifprm way to present the gemstones as if poking out from the cage.

rhodonite art swirl earrings

gemstone pendant

Rhodonite and Silver swirls Earrings £31.95 ERH5 The earrings are not identical showing that they are truly handcrafted.

gift for new mum rhodonite jewellery

rhondite pendant

Rhodonite Jewelry

Pink Rhodonite and Silver three gems Pendant £42.95 PRH12 The gemstones are within an oval frame. Three gemstones can represent mother, father and new baby so a great gift for a new mother.

rhondite art deco jewellery

gemstone pendant

Rhodonite and Silver Art Deco style Pendant £31.95 PRH11 A reminder of the art deco period this pendant drops a hint to the circular style that was so popular.

rhodonite jewellery

rhondite handmade jewellery

Rhodonite and Silver Musty Pink designer Pendant £44.95 PRH9 width 2.2cm A random shaped pendant the wire is wrapped in almost a chaotic fashion but still holds the gemstone solidly. An artisan piece representing life with all its ups and downs and the solid foundation of a strong never ending relationship.

rhondite ball jewellery

Rustic Rhodonite ball £40.95 PRH1 Ball diameter approx 1.8cm Rough cuts of rhodonite are held within a ball shape like a pendulum has a nice swing.

pink handmade pendant

rhondite handmade jewellery

Rhodonite and Silver Handmade Jewellery Earrings £29.95 ERH4 The earrings are delicate and light to wear but have a nice length.

pink rhondite earrings

pink feature mandala  meditation pendant

Rhodonite and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant £44.95 PRH7. A feature mandala style pendant great for those that like to meditate or just to complement an outfit with a unique design.

pink gemstone pendant

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pink handmade gemstone jewellery