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Ruby Jewellery

The rubies are not the best quality as if they were they would cost thousands of pounds but still make lovely gifts

ruby jewellery large pink ruby necklace

Stunning Large Faceted Pink 20.55 Carat Light Pink Ruby £355.00 PRU16 Length of Ruby 2.8cm

faceted large pink ruby necklace

Ruby comes in shades of pink to deep red and is classed as a precious gemstone. It comes in many shades of pink from a dark burgundy to a light pink.

Ruby gemstone and silver jewellery

ruby and sheet silver jewellery

faceted ruby necklace

As featured in Making Jewellery Magazine

A one off design that was featured in a magazine article after being spotted by a journalist. Faceted 49.25 Carat almost heart shaped Dark natural Burgundy Ruby wrapped in sheet silver £285.00 PRU3 Width of Ruby 2.9cm

58 carat square ruby jewellery

natural ruby necklace

58 Carat faceted Oval Dark Burgundy Square Faceted Ruby and Silver Jewellery £268.00 PRU12 width of gem 2.1cm

Ruby Handmade Jewellery

Ruby is known as Ratnanayaka in Indian culture which in effect means Lord of the gemstones showing it to be considered very precious. It is also known as the gemstone of nobility a treasured gem and the stone of passion. Like Diamond and Sapphire the Ruby is a hard gem. Ruby is the birthstone for July, the birthstone Capricorn, the chinese year of the pig and 40th wedding anniversary.

pink ruby necklace

sapphire necklace

Luxurious Light Pink Natural Ruby 18.5 Carat Faceted and Silver one off Necklace £235.00 PRU11 Length of gem 1.7cm

pink ruby jewellery

natural ruby necklace

Fancy 16.5 Carat faceted Oval Light Pink Ruby and Silver Jewellery £224.95 PRU10 length of gem 2.2cm pendant length 1.7cm

ruby and silver fashionable jewellery

faceted ruby necklace

Classy Faceted Ruby and Silver Handmade Jewellery £103.95 PRU14 length 4cm Ruby 8mm width

ruby elegant pendant

ruby necklace

Ruby Silver Pendant

Faceted Ruby and Silver 3 Ruby Pendant £138.95 PRU13 length Rubies 8mm

Review - Really pleased with my silver wire necklace, and the service we received was second to none, from super speedy delivery, to exceptional response when deciding whether it fitted the bill for the occasion it was bought for - nothing to do with workmanship or quality might I add - thanks again. Item purchased 43 Carat Ruby

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