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Natural Turquoise and Tourmaline Silver Jewellery

The turquoise on this page is natural untreated turquoise nuggets with a greeny blue colour. Often turquoise is treated to create a bright blue colour but the Turquoise on this page is a subtle and soft green earthy colour so may be preferred by some when matching outfits.

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Natural Turquoise and Silver Handmade Jewellery Pendant £46.95 PTUR33 Unique and contemporary design the lush green turquoise is held within the sterling silver frame showing its true beauty.

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designer pendant

Natural Turquoise and Silver Set £75.95 PTUR22 Length pendant 3.8cm earrings 3cm The stones are chosen to complement each other the random shapes adding to the uniqueness of the jewellery set.

Turquoise is thought to help you find your true path in life and is reverred by the native american indians who use it in jewellery and ceremony. To the native american indians it is believed that turquoise is formed after a long drought from human tears of joy spilt into the land.

More turquoise jewellery can be made to suit a special occasion. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

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